A quiet weekend in Belfast

Well, I was back in Belfast this weekend as I had a weekend off from the show. It was nice and relaxing actually.

Friday night I went out to the BBC Club with G and then we went off to Bar Bacca where I bumped into this girl I went out with for a while, and whom I hadn’t seen for two years ! That was a bit weird. Anyway, then on Saturday, I went into see G and Jill doing John Daly’s radio show, and chilled out there for a while before going swimming. I was gonna link to John’s show on the BBC’s radio player there, but it’s not on it !

It was class swimming again – I really do miss it cos I can’t really go in London – everywhere is too big, too busy or too expensive. I managed to do my 100 lengths without any bother as well so muscles are obviously still there somewhere !

Sunday we were all up early and went to Rain City on the Malone Road to have brunch, and surprise Christine, who’s birthday was last week. We had a lovely spot of lunch, I had Eggs Benedict (yum). Photos from the lunch and the weekend are here.

Flickr is a cool new site which makes it dead easy to share photos. If you have a digital camera you should seriously think about joining and then you can add me as a contact. It only really works if your mates have it, so join up now RIGHT ! And no I’m not getting paid or anything for signing people up. It’s free too !

Anyway, ad over, I really enjoyed my weekend back in Belfast, and it made me realise how much I miss the place. I’m enjoying being in London too (particularly as it is nice and sunny here today) but it made me realise that I’m very lucky to have such good mates who are very funny, so I miss them too !

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