A right royal weekend

Well my Mum and Dad were in town at the weekend there. Saturday morning we picked my Mum up from London City Airport, which is only about five minutes from Dad’s flat – handy! I also didn’t know British Airways are flying from there to Edinburgh now so I might have to look at that for my next trip home.

For lunch I met my mate Kevin in Islington and we headed off for a nice Pizza Express. I hadn’t seen him since he was in New York to watch England play, so it was good to catch up. Then on Saturday night, Mum and I went out to The Gaucho Grill, which is just beside the flat. Delish!

Hampton_courtSunday, we all went on a bit of a trip to Hampton Court Palace. I was quite happy doing that ‘cos I haven’t done anything cultural for a while. It was the home of Henry VIII and also King William. It was quite interesting, but I was kinda knackered. Then Dad and I did the maze, which I was quite excited about ‘cos I’d never done one before. It wasn’t as big as I thought it would be, but it was still easy to get lost in! I reckon you could spend a good hour in there if you weren’t in a hurry (we were ‘cos Mum was sitting outside waiting on us!) So a busy weekend.

I am excited about this weekend coming – I’m going up to Glasgow to go to an REM concert with Mad Maj and her sister Orla, and then I’m going to the set of River City on Monday – woo-hoo! AND I might be an extra in it. I am bit nervous about that to be honest.

Work wise, quiet week – although our guests are three female artic explorers – the Pink Lady Polecats. So that should be interesting enough. Over and out for now!

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