A weekend with Ailse and her friends

So Ailse, and two of her friends from Hockaday, and now at college in Philadelphia, were down in London at the weekend. Saturday, they headed off to Harrods while I chilled around my flat and played Singstar, which is absolutely class ! My favourite songs on it are Jamelia’s Superstar, but best of all, they’ve got S Club’s Don’t Stop Movin ! Yay !

Saturday night we headed out on the town, with my cousin Lindsey. First stop was the Pitcher & Piano on Dean Street, in Soho, and then Lindsey remembered a bar she’d been to that was “really great”, called Sanctuary. We managed to find it, and it was free in, which is good. It was only when I pointed out that there were hardly any women about that Lindsey chose to tell us it was a gay bar. Never mind, but it meant no pulling for me ! Or even chatting to women !

We were very lucky to jump on a night bus which took us straight to the flat, so had a good night’s sleep. On Sunday morning, the girls got up and went on the London Eye, and then I met them and went to a cool restaurant called Hamburger Union. If you’re in London, check it out instead of McDonald’s. I’m not sure the food was better, but the chips were really good !

After that, I left the girls to do some shopping then headed off to the Apple Store to gaze at the 17″ Powerbook that I’ve nearly got enough cash for, and then headed back to the flat. Then, it was off to Wagamama in Jubilee Place for a nice dinner, and then for me, it was off to bed.

It was nice having other people around this weekend, ‘cos it meant I wasn’t just sitting in the flat, and felt I got out and about a bit more. This afternoon I have a meeting with people about what I might be working on during the summer – so after that it will be decision time for me – another year in London, or back to Belfast ?

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