Ailsa’s 21st – trip to Scotlandia!

Tay Road Bridge

My wee sister turned 21 last month! That was a bit sad really as it means I’m getting old – I can vaguely remember the day we went to hospital to pick her up. Anyway, to celebrate, I flew over to Scotland to surprise her, and my other sister flew over from Dallas (I think that’s more impressive).

For the first time, I flew direct from Belfast City to Dundee, which was WEIRD. I still think it’s strange there’s a direct flight seeing as Dundee Airport is about the size of my living room, but there you go. It’s also weird because for some reason the flight is operated by a Polish airline. Anyway, after that, it was straight over to St. Andrews to surprise Ailse, and then we all went out for dinner. I have a video of that but to save Ailse’s embarassment (seeing as she was in bed) I won’t post it here.

On Friday, me and my two sisters did something I have always wanted to do – paint pottery! A weird wish, I know. I chose a mug, and my creation is below – a super singing dancing dog mug. This brought tears of laughter not only from Jill and Ailse, but also from one of the ladies working in the shop. Thanks a bunch! I’m proud of it anyway. To the people in the shop, seeing as you are in Broughty Ferry, I think you should have named the shop Potty Ferry rather than Ferry Potty.

Super Singing Dog

Saturday was spent chilling out and then on Saturday the whole famille went out for a meal to celebrate Ailse’s birthday. We went to the Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews which is really posh. It was quite expensive I think although I didn’t see the final bill. The restaurant there is very formal, but it was a good meal. I didn’t get too drunk either, as I didn’t think that was really very appropriate.

Eleanor  Ailse  Katherine and Hanna

It was a really nice weekend away – I think it’s because we all got on and there was no arguing. It was the time of the Open in St. Andrews so we kept our eyes peeled for Bill Murray, Hugh Grant and Ronan Keating who were all in town, but we never saw them. We did have a bit of a night out with Ailse and her mates – Eleanor, Katherine and Hanna (that’s them above) which was really good. Ailse and I wanted to carry on partying, but Jill didn’t as she was jet-lagged. Boo!

I really like St. Andrews – I know it’s very small, but it’s Scottish, and very relaxing. I think I may consider having to organise a weekend there for me and my mates, and we can all go a bit crazy! We could also visit the Bop which Ailse talks about a lot.

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