Children In Need crazy party

Well, Friday was slightly hectic to say the least – it was Children In Need day, so it was all hands on deck at work. In Northern Ireland, we’re live for the whole seven hours instead of just “opting out” from the London show. It was organised chaos behind the scenes and I think by the end of it everyone was wrecked !

Me_jill_and_g So after that, it was onto the party which was held in a marquee. It would be fair to say that there were a lot of drunk people there. Unfortunately no ladies that took my fancy. I did however, manage to grab the mic at one point and do a bit of freestyling which went a bit like this….

“Yo everybody it’s Children in Need, we’re raising money cos there’s children to feed. Hope everybody is havin a good time, this is the end of my little rhyme. Yo yo yo.”

Amazing eh ? Obviously I was under the influence of beer. However Jill and I bumped into the DJ yesterday (who was apparently sober) and he said that my rap was “very good”. And he didnt’ seem like he was joking either ! No goss really that I’m aware of – I half-heartedly tipsy texted someone, but it was very half-hearted !

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