Christmas party fun

Christmas party carnage

‘Twas the BBC Christmas party on Friday night! Basically it is held in a big studio, which they clear out, and then put tables, a band and most importantly – a bar in. I’m not sure if that’s gramatically correct there, so apologies if it isn’t. Anyway, I decided not to go until 9pm, as I didn’t want to be too drunk early on. Thank goodness – one person who had been out since lunchtime spent from 9pm-3am in casualty after hitting their head off a lamppost. I won’t say who they are, but they know who they are!

Anyway, the party was really good. The beginning of the night is pretty clear in my head, and it was nice to catch up with some people I haven’t had a chance to speak to in ages. Really good actually. Then the rest of the night gets all hazy. I can’t remember most of the photos (which I’m not publishing here sorry!) being taken, and I ended up at an indie’s Christmas bash in Holywood (not Hollywood – I think I would have remembered that).

So a good night was had by all – no fights this year (unless someone else knows differently) and thank you to G for providing transport!

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