Class weekend !

Me_maj_and_orla Well I had a bit of a brilliant weekend there over in Glasgow seeing Maj – her sister Orla was also over. She’s a bit of a loon but very funny. So Friday night was just spent chilling, but then Saturday we went off to Balloch for an REM concert – which was outside! We took a carry out which unfortunately didn’t go quite according to plan for Maj – you can see pictures of the weekend here and you might get what I mean!

The Zutons were up first – boring! Then Feeder, who were brilliant – I love their song Just a Day. Finally, REM came on – they were good but I’m not that big a fan so I wasn’t too bothered with them to be honest. We caught the last train home and were exhausted, so no crazy night out!

Sunday was nice and chilled. We got on Glasgow’s mini underground system and went shopping (didn’t get anything) and then went to the Uberlounge for some “bier” and food. There we were joined by Linda and Victoria, two girls I know from BBC Northern Ireland. I tried a raspberry beer there, which was very tasty and refreshing – particularly because it was very humid that day! Then it was off to the 500 club to meet Victoria’s boyfriend. We sat outside and then went in as it got colder, but it was a great night – and I was definitely tipsy. Take away on the way home courtesy of Home Wok!

Monday Maj went off to work at River City, with Orla who was being an extra. I met my sister Ailse in Glasgow and we went off shopping – to Urban Outfitters, where I got a new t-shirt for my collection (!) and a pair of Nudie Jeans which were on sale. Bargain! Still expensive though 🙁

Me_in_shieldinchThen it was off to River City! I was very excited, but a bit nervous. To be honest, I had nothing to worry about – everyone was really nice. I saw all round the backlot, and inside the studio as well. It was weird really – I’d never been on a drama set before, and everything looked so realistic! I also saw one of the cast members who I fancied anyway, and I can only say she looked even more stunning in the flesh. Black hair, lovely blue eyes – perfect!

Majs_magYou can see Maj in a “magazine” that was featured in River City on the left. Look at the caption underneath her though! Is there something you’re not telling us Maj? If you haven’t tuned into River City yet, do so – ‘cos it’s class. You can watch it after EastEnders on Tuesdays and Fridays on BBC One Scotland – which is Channel 941 if you have Sky Digital.

After our trip round Shieldinch (that’s the name of the suburb in River City) it was back into Glasgow, lunch with Ailse before seeing her off on her train, and heading back out to the airport. Was a brilliant weekend – thanks to Maj for having me, Arthur for putting up with me in his flat, and Orla for being a loon! There’s more photos of me at River City here if you’re interested.

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