Down the ole East End!

Off Brick Lane
Well I had my mate Nick in town this weekend, so yesterday we went to Brick Lane in Shoreditch. I’d never been there before, but it’s a really cool place! There’s a market on (although by the time we got there it was all scraggly rubbish) and loads of galleries and cool looking shops and coffee places.

Brick Lane’s also famous for curry houses, and as we walked down the streets, guys in the doorways would try to entice us in (and they definitely were curry houses before anyone makes a smart comment!) It was only lunchtime though, so we didn’t fancy a curry, but I reckon it would be good to go back there one evening. Anyway, the whole place was pretty mobbed. We went and had a look at a new designer’s exhibition, and then ended up at Story Deli just off Brick Lane for lunch. I’d really recommend it. Very busy so no seats inside, but they do brilliant burgers on an outside barbecue for £6.00, and Nick had a tasty pizza. That’s Story Deli (and Nick sitting on the bench with his pizza) in the picture above.

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