How things are going

Well, I’ve just spent this week writing my second last scripts for Dick & Dom in da Bungalow. The series finishes in March for good. I’ve been asked to write the script for the last show, but I think it’ll be a bit weird and not like a usual one! So I’m a bit sad really about my second last show – next weekend’s.

And, it is making me think even more about what I do next – whether I try and find something else in London, or head back to Belfast. I’m seeing some people this week about both options, and then I think I’ll have to make my mind up quite soon.

It’s a really tough decision for me. Belfast to me feels more like home, I like it there, and I have a good group of friends. But, in the TV world, London is where all the action is really. However, it’s extremely expensive, and I’ve lived here before for 5 years, and decided it was time to get out. So, I face a tough decision over the next couple of weeks……

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