I got my new camera!

First photo with new camera

Well I finally got my hands on my new camera this week! It’s a digital SLR – a Nikon D40 to be precise, and I really like it for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it’s smaller than a normal DSLR, and it’s very light as well, which means it’s pretty practical to carry around with me. Secondly, the screen on the back is enormous. Thirdly it takes photographs which are much more vivid than a normal compact digital camera. So I’m looking forward to getting out and about and taking some proper photographs with it. There is a new Nikon 40x coming out which has 10 megapixels instead of 6, but that doesn’t really make that much of a difference to me.

I used to know a bit about photography, but I’ve kind of forgotten it all, so I’ve got a new book which is meant to be pretty good according to Amazon reviews, and I’ll be working my way through that soon.

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