I thought this whole thing was hilarious at the time, but if you read more about it you’ll find out the whole situation is quite as funny as the original “You dun goofed” video would suggest. Viewed alone however, the video is still hilarious. RIP!



RIP: Gene Leonhardt, father of Internet famous preteen Jessi Slaughter and coiner of such memorable Internet shibboleth as “you dun goofed” and “consequences will never be the same,” passed away last week after reportedly suffering “a massive heart attack.” He was 53.

A Facebook status update attributed to Leonhardt’s wife claims he died on August 11th — the same day Jessi’s apology video was uploaded to YouTube.


I am for realz sad about this. Sure he got arrested for punching he daughter in the face but I quote this video like it’s my post public school pledge of allegiance.

God, you done goofed if u let this guy into heave.

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