I’ve been a hermit

Australia edit scaled

I haven’t been posting much of late – simply because I haven’t been doing anything – which is down to a combination of factors. Firstly after buying a washing machine, printer and digital SLR in the last few weeks (camera is arriving soon hopefully!) I am super skint. I don’t get paid until Sunday, but for some weird reason, my particular bank doesn’t credit accounts until Monday. So I’m skint until Monday.

However, I also haven’t been posting much because I haven’t seen anything interesting of late on the Internet – everything seems boring! Maybe I just need to do a bit more browsing….

It was a long weekend here in the UK, so I took advantage of the time to chill out, catch up on TV, and finish editing that Australia home video for my parents. That’s the timeline of the edit in the picture above. It wasn’t easy is all I’m saying! Now I just need to put it all together on a DVD – I’ll be using iDVD for that which isn’t as intuitive as I thought. However, the whole process was useful for getting me familiar again with Final Cut.

I did have a night out on Saturday but it was slightly confounded by the fact that I was skint, knackered and that we went to weird places which were dead – BT1 and the Elephant Room, which was a bit ravetastic for my liking. BT1 was like some underground club in Berlin or something (both the atmosphere and the clientele). Although I guess it is underground….

After picking a fight in the queue for Yello with someone who was trying to skip the queue, I headed home relatively early.

Work is beginning to pick up, so hopefully that will get interesting soon, I’ve got a couple of meetings this week where people I’ve briefed are coming back to me with ideas related to the series I’m working on now.

Apart from that, all very quiet, and to be honest, I’ve been very bored recently! I feel I need some more excitement in my life.

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