Jill M’s birthday bash !

G_jill_maj_and_christine Well, after bein up at 5am on Saturday morning for work, flew over to Belfast in the afternoon and had a good time at the Sugar Room – Jill’s new home ! It was her birthday do (one of three) so we all went a bit mad, even though I was knackered. Photos are here. After the Sugar Room, me Maj and G went to the Kebab House where we were given a typically warm welcome from G’s mates. Thank you guys !

Then Maj and G came back to my flat, where we watched an episode of River City. I think I got to bed at about 4.30am – so was up for 23 and a half hours ! Next day I slept until 11 (in the morning !) then I had to get up and go to work to edit someone’s showreel, which I’d promised them I’d do. I didn’t really mind though as it was nice doing some editing again. Then I went for a nice coffee with Maj on Botanic Avenue.

Then I slept… and slept… and slept until 1.30, and then went into work to see some people there about what I do once my attachment in London finishes. I guess I was hoping that I would have made my mind up by the time I’d finished seeing them, but I haven’t, so I am going to start thinking about it now, and hopefully come to a decision by the end of the week. I basically have three choices – 1. move to London for a year, 2. move back to Belfast for the summer, then go to London for six months. 3. Stay in Belfast.

I think it is a trade off between career and personal life, but I’m not sure – career could possibly be the same whatever I decide. It’s a lot to think about in the next week though.

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