Last weekend

Jill and G

Ok, I’m slowly catching up with my posts! Last weekend, I was in Belfast – no special occasion, just one of my regular flights home. Saturday, I headed off to Tatu, followed by a quick stop at a house party and then off to the Potthouse. I was quite looking forward to it, ‘cos I hadn’t been there for a while, but it wasn’t great. First off, even though I was on the guest list, I had to wait 45 minutes to get in. And the queue was full of slappers as well. Which annoyed me.

Sunday I had lunch with Majella and G at AM:PM on Botanic, which was nice – they do a mean brunch there.

Monday was spent having lunch at Apartment, and then I had a meeting with someone at work there to discuss what I’m doing when my attachment in London comes to an end in April. I should be getting some more info on that soon which will help me make my mind up.

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