My Bloody Valentine 3D

Photo: Lionsgate

I went to see a 3D film last night! I was pretty psyched because I have not seen a 3D film since I was probably about 10 or something, and it was a horror film to boot as well – My Bloody Valentine 3D.

Even though the prices at the Odeon seemed like a complete rip-off (19 for two tickets – in Belfast!), they did allow me to keep my 3D specs, which should come in handy if the world ever goes 3D.

Anyways, the film – well I was disappointed really. It did feel like it was a bit too long, and it just wasn’t scary or tense enough in the way that films like Hostel are. I would describe it as kind of Scream, but without the humour, and a not so tight plot. So it was not brilliant.

However there were two brilliant things about the film:

  • it is 3D. A couple of times I did get a fright, and thought the 3D effect was really awesome. You do get used to it very quickly though
  • Megan Boone (on the right in the picture above). Unfortunately she is not in the film loads but she is certainly hot

So if you are not bothered about the story, and like horror films, I’d say go and experience My Bloody Valentine 3D. Just don’t expect a fantastic tense film. You can check out the trailer here.

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