New Year, New Job

Well, it’s been a month of travelling for me recently, hence no posts for ages – loads has happened to me in the last month as well.

First off, I had my trip to Dallas for Christmas – had a great time, and we also went to Pebble Beach in California for a week as it was my Mum’s birthday, and she loves golfing. We also stayed there over Christmas. We were really lucky with the weather as well there – it was only beginning to cloud over on the very last day, but as soon as we left to head back to Dallas, there were torrential rainstorms.

Didn’t spend too much out in Dallas, but bought a couple of clothes from Hollister, which unfortunately and annoyingly just brought me $49 under getting a Gold Club Cali card ! I did manage to fly enough when I was out there to become a platinum AAdvantage member with American Airlines though which is good cos you can get into all the swanky lounges.

Secondly, I had a trip down to Dublin at New Year, with my friends Majella, Gohir (G) and Jill, and her friend Leanne. We stayed at my Christine’s fiance, Christian’s house, and it was really good. Big drinking involved, but nobody was really out of control (well not that I can remember anyway). The photos if you can put up with drunken photos are here.

My third piece of news is that I have gone on attachment with work, and am now in London for what will hopefully be three months. I’ll be working as an Assistant Producer on a network programme based at Television Centre, which is weird ‘cos I can remember when I was a wee boy that everytime I was in London I’d hope we would drive past it. I never thought for a minute I’d be working there one day, but there we go.

I’m staying with my Dad for three months in his flat, which will be cool, as the flat is really nice, and it should only take me 40 minutes to get to work on the tube. I’m in London now, and it’s really weird being back here to live. It feels like an eternity since I lived here before, and I had to go and get things like a Travelcard today. I’m hoping I’ll get a trip back to Belfast soon as everything happened when I was away on holiday, so I didn’t get to see a lot of people before I went.

I’m really nervous about starting the new job tomorrow – I’ve only really started a new job twice in my life, but this is something I really should make the most of if I’m given the chance. I really want to do well at it, although my plan is to go back to Belfast at the end of the three months. Wish me well.

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