Number one detective

Charlie Chan


Well maybe after Columbo, but I was browsing around on the other day and found a Charlie Chan DVD box set for only £9.99! Bargain, so ordered. Charlie Chan films used to be on all the time when I was wee, and I can remember really liking them, but I haven’t seen one for oooh… must be 20 years or something! So I’m looking forward to them arriving.

I also bought two other movies from my childhood – One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing, which used to annoy me, but I can remember it having a funny bit in it, and also The Goonies – I’ve only ever seen that once, and keep hearing everyone else going on about it, so I thought why not – as I can’t really remember much about it. Both of those are only £5.99 as well.

I haven’t posted much recently, ‘cos I’ve been busy editing every day (including the weekend just past) to get films cut before I go onto Children In Need. That’s after a holiday which starts on Friday… I’m counting the days!

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