Our BBC Club is closing

Tomorrow is a sad day for me. The BBC Club in Belfast is closing its doors for the last time ever.

The Club was like a little pub in the backyard of Broadcasting House here in Belfast, and sold cheap drink and meals. You paid a membership fee which was a percentage of your salary to be a member.

I have had some completely mad nights out in there. You always bumped into people you hadn’t seen for ages, and on nights when they had a late licence, drink would flow until the early hours before you headed back to someone’s for a party.

I’m disappointed there hasn’t been a “Save the Club” campaign – the reasons for it closing aren’t anything to do with BBC cutbacks, so maybe it could have been possible to save it.

After the Christmas parties were stopped a couple of years ago, the club was the only place where people from different areas of the BBC used to mingle and socialise, and now that’s gone forever.

I’ll miss it.

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