Q: Aye, so, um how can I comment on one of your posts without having to ‘Ask You’ how to do it in your ‘Ask Me’ section? (I simply LOVE the way I am licensed to ask you ANYTHING at all). Q: What is Feedburner? Q: How are you?… I’ve missed your bread/burger/babes blogs. Mr Gary Watson

Hey dude! Well, I am still working on the comments thing – hopefully get it up and running this weekend.

Feedburner is what I use to deliver the RSS feeds, so if you use something like Google Reader I had to switch it over to my new site. I think I’ve got it working.

Finally, I’m ok thanks! I’m gonna take the time this weekend to get my blog back up and running properly. I’m working on a new arts series which is proving pretty tricky, but I think I’m getting there with it! Hope you’re cool!

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