Some site changes, including comment with your Facebook ID

So I took the opportunity to do some works on my site behind the scenes. I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.7 which is brilliant, and thankfully went smoothly.

I’ve also enabled a function on my site that allows you to log in using Facebook when you want to post a comment – I just thought this was a nice feature to have. You’ll have the option when posting a comment using your Facebook ID as to whether or not you want it to appear on your newsfeed. I can’t seem to get avatars to appear though so if anyone can help with that, I would be grateful (I’m using the wp-fbconnect plugin) !

I’ve joined Twitter for the second time, after a mate persuaded me to do it, so if you’re on Twitter, you can find me here. I think I’m still at the “denial / presence” stagesbut I’m gonna to stick with it for a while yet anyway.

One side effect of all this (though nothing to do with me signing up to Twitter) is that my feed seems to have become broken. I’m trying to get this fixed at the moment, and the guys over at Feedburner have replicated the fault and are having a look at it for me. So please bare with me if you use that while it gets fixed.

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