Sorting my life out

Children In Need has basically been my life for the last month at least – working weekends, long hours, and not sleeping very much for worrying about it. Now it’s over, I am going to sort my life out by doing the following….

  1. having a shave
  2. getting my haircut
  3. having a massage
  4. going food shopping and cooking again
  5. listening to some new music
  6. going swimming again
  7. going to see the James Bond movie
  8. going out
  9. getting a girlfriend

1. Is pretty easy. Although I hate shaving.

2. Is sorted, I will be doing that this week.

3. I’ve never had one before, but that is sorted as well after Christine gave me a lovely present today of a gift voucher for a men’s grooming place in Belfast that does massages. Hopefully that’ll get rid of all the stress I’ve had lately for good.

4. I’ve been living off Centra sandwiches recently. No more!

5. The last albums I bought were Pink Spiders, and Tegan and Sara, and that was AGES ago. Time to start tuning in to the excellent CBC3 podcast again and discovering some new music!

6. Since April, I’ve been swimming 500 lengths a week (100 every weekday), and last week was the first time since then that I haven’t swum at all. I’m already back at it!

7. Sorted – I’m going on Friday and I cannot wait! I love James Bond. If it’s as good as Superman Returns I’ll be happy.

8. Sorted as well hopefully – I’m out to the opening of a new nightclub on Thursday night, at the cinema on Friday night, and then on Saturday I’m off out for a beer before heading to a Paolo Nutini gig – (my friend Maj is going out with a guitarist in the band) and then we’ll be out for more beer.

9. Obviously not sorted at the moment, but I’ve had basically decided to listen to my mates, and forget about this girl I’ve been after for ages. I really, really like her, but there comes a point where you have to stop doing all the chasing. I dunno – she’s pretty, a bit shy, and just generally nice (although my mates would disagree), and I would like nothing more than just spending a Sunday in Starbucks reading the papers with her, and chilling out, but I’ve got to wake up to the fact that I could be missing out on someone else.

It makes me feel a bit sad though, because I always thought there would be a chance of going out with her (I saw her a couple of times what seems like ages ago now), but she won’t even come out for lunch with me at the moment. I can’t really get her out of my head, but am going to make a determined effort to do that now. So tonight I’ll be taking her number out of my ‘phone (so I stop tipsy texting her) and starting to look for someone else. I have had offers in the past that I’ve kind of disregarded, and I reckon it’s time to stop doing that, and look around a bit more too.

Plenty more fish in the sea I guess.

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