Texas 1

Well I spent a week in Dallas, Texas there (hence the slacking on the posts!) – and had a great break after all the madness of the Bungalow. I just spent the time chilling and relaxing and shopping really. I’ve been lots of times before so have done all the touristy things. I did get to check out my sister and her fiance’s new flat, which I hadn’t seen yet – it’s at WestVillage, which is a really cool area of town.

I was a bit disappointed with the offerings at Hollister, as I had a $100 gift card for there, but I ended up buying nothing from there this trip! I got some stuff from Abercrombie, and a bargain pair of Evisu jeans – they’re usually about £160 here, but I managed to get a pair from a Puma store for about £90. The only other stuff I bought were a couple of pairs of trainers and some CDs. It was a very relaxing trip though, and I even made my first ever rhubarb crumble! (That’s my favourite dessert ever!)

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