Things closing down are a bit rubbish.


Two things have closed this week which make things a bit rubbish. Firstly, the great record / dvd / book store called Fopp closed its doors. If you are not aware of them, Fopp was mainly a Scottish chain of stores where the staff were friendly, the stores were a bit funky, and they always had great prices. None of your 3 for 12 rubbishy DVDs like you get in HMV – prices just seemed generally low. It was the kind of store that you went in for a browse, and then came out with loads of stuff you hadn’t planned on buying.

I can still remember buying the 12" of “Street Tuff” by the Rebel MC in Fopp in Edinburgh in my youth. So farewell Fopp – unless you are bought from the administrators and kept as a going concern, I will miss you! At least I made it into one just a couple of weeks ago before they closed. And if you haven’t heard Street Tuff, go and check it out. It’s da bomb! Or something.

Closed BK

The other thing that closed this week was the Burger King just across the road from the BBC offices here in Belfast. Now I didn’t frequent it that often, but it was great for a hangover after a wrap party or something. And it was a frequent haunt of the production team during the years of The John Daly Show. Now I guess we will no longer be having it our way 🙁

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