Things which have got me feeling annoyed recently….

Broken iPhone.jpg

Here is a list of things which have me peeved of late….

  • my iPhone is dead. Whilst in Austin, I left it on the bed beside a bottle of this sweet sickly sugary sh*t they were giving away free, the bottle cap wasn’t on properly, and I turned round 5 minutes later to find my iPhone floating in a puddle of juice. It is costing me 166 to get repaired, and I feel like my arm has been cut off. Or something.
  • my tonsilitis is back with a vengeance
  • i haven’t been swimming for like three weeks now (pool closed here / no pool in Austin / too busy doing stupid 10 hour days at work) and feel unfit and like I am the size of a house
  • i send a text asking someone if they got anything nice on Valentine’s Day – get a response, and then text back confessing… no response back

All these things have me pissed off really….. anyway, in other news….

Leah's birthday 2008.jpg

….we all went out for Leah and Dave’s birthday on Saturday night. Annoyingly, the bars closed at 12 because of Easter Sunday, so there’s something else for me to moan about while I’m in a moaning mood.

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