House of Jesus Santa

I saw this this morning on my way into work. WTF?!!!! It is like a mass shambles of everything. I call it the House of Jesus Santa. I had to stop and look at it for a good 30 seconds before my eyes could decipher what exactly is going on. It’s like a nativity play scene with three Santas, and a snowman at it with some weird gate thing in front of the window and a big rusty pole in front of that. Three Santas seem to be trying to escape from the whole sorry scene out the living room window while another one is hanging on for dear life on a piece of string.

How many Santas are there in this picture? Too many. Whoever has done this needs to realise that simplicity is often the key to having maximum effect. Mixing Jesus and Santa in the one place (and frequently as well) is also a bit weird.

That all said, it’s SOOO weird it is kind of appealing.

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