A boring day in Corpus Christi

I had to do a mileage run when I was out in Dallas. That’s basically taking a flight for no other reason but to keep your status with an airline frequent flyer programme. I needed 500 miles to go platinum with American Airlines. I know it sounds stupid, but there are big pluses to having that status – upgrades, boarding first, lounge access, and more. So I decided to do it.

Only thing was that all the interesting places (Houston, Austin and so on) in Texas weren’t more than 250 miles away, so I took a day trip to Corpus Christi. Me and my friend Kevin had been there before on a Greyhound tour of Texas a couple of years ago. It’s apparently a college party town at Spring Break, but unfortunately we got there the day after all the college people went back, so there was nothing to do. I thought things might have changed. I was wrong, and had a very boring day there. It was hot as well – I have never had sweaty pants like that before in my life.

Anyway, because I was bored, I made a video while I was there. But be warned, it’s boring like the place itself.

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