A couple of days with sunshine !

Well, I’ve got to say, Monday and Tuesday here were beautiful days – apart from that it has been rain, rain and more rain – at least not like the floods seen elsewhere though ! Derry had some flooding, but here in Belfast it’s just been raining every day this week. Honestly – you wouldn’t think it’s August.

So, my sister Jill was across from Dallas for three days earlier this week – on the first day we went up to the Giant’s Causeway, which looked better than I remembered, although the great weather probably helped. Then, we went to the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge. I’d never been there before, but it was quite good fun – it’s only 20 metres long or something, but it’s a bit exciting crossing it cos it just feels like you’re going to fall off the side or something ! The scenery round there was beautiful as well – the water was so green and clear you could have been in the Bahamas or something if there had been ladies walking around in bikinis (which unfortunately there wasn’t).

Tuesday we got up just in time to make it to McDonald’s for breakfast, then off to Portaferry for a wee picnic – I made a delicious pan bagnat (that’s french for wet bread !) so we had a wee bit of a picnic before heading back to Belfast and doing a bit of last minute shopping. I got a top from Clockwork Orange which was reduced from £100 to £30. Bargain ! Also bought two new CDs by The Killers and Mylo, who is apparently Scotland’s answer to Royskopp. It’s quite laid back chilled music.

Wendesday, Jill was back at the airport, and flew back to London. It was really nice having her across, cos now she knows what I’m talking about when i speak about my friends and places I go.

Work wise, I’m nearly at the end of editing my Portaferry programme – it’s kind of finished, so I just have to spend the next week trimming it down to the right length, putting music and effects on, and also grading, which is where we tweak all the colours to make it look as good as it can ! Have been invited to a house party on Saturday night and also a champagne reception in La Lea on Sunday night – not sure if I’ll go to either to be honest as I’m trying to go easy with my finances, need to get back to the gym, and could do with catching up on some sleep !

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