Boring week

Well I haven’t posted this week because to be honest, I haven’t been up to anything – I’ve been editing all week, but am now finished the first of the two shows I’m working on at the mo. Tomorrow’s my first day off since Saturday last week and my first two days off in a row for three weeks ! Yipee ! Apart from that, I’ve just been back at the gym- did 8km worth of swimming this week, so am getting back into that. Haven’t been out this week, yet…..

Tonight I’m off to the Big Buzz awards this evening. Big Buzz is a local entertainment magazine and apparently their award ceremonies are crazy – I’ve never been before, but last year, Keith Duffy was hosting it, got a bit tipsy and called the audience f***ers. Then a boy band were leaving stage after miming a song but had to run back on when their tape started again ! Hopefully it will be funny, and Christine and Ralph are presenting it so at least they will be more professional ! Ralph’s always good with the one-liners as well. I’m going with Jill and will put pics up here over the weekend if I take any. Uri Geller is one of the guests, and that ginger wee guy from Coronation Street (don’t know his name cos I don’t watch it)

Sunday night it’s off to Milk for a bank holiday BBQ before work on Monday starting to edit my Dungloe programme (workin on a bank holiday – I dunno !) Hopefully I won’t be that wasted on the Sunday night then.

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