The Big Buzz awards

me_and_uri Well the Big Buzz awards were… a bit bizarre really. Although they were a bit slicker than they have been in previous years which meant no hilarious cock-ups, but that was a bit disappointing, co they were a bit dull really !

Anyway Jill and I were lucky enough to be sitting next to Uri Geller and his wife. They were soooo serious – nice, but deadly serious. There was no mucking around with either of them. The whole thing was sponsored by Southern Comfort. Unfortunately, in their generosity, Southern Comfort supplied a bottle of the stuff for each table. After the free Buds had gone down, it was time to open that.

me_and_myleeneThe awards themselves were dull really, although Christine won sexiest female, which I think she was pretty happy about ! Other “celebs” that were there (if you could call them that) were some dudes from Coronation Street that I didn’t recognise, Keith Duffy, Myleene from Hear’Say (who actually was amazingly good looking and was really, really nice) and Mark Owen who did a brilliant live version of “Four Minute Warning” which saw me ‘dancing’ on my chair. There was also some weird band called Wanderluste who we thought looked like Slovakian rejects from the Eurovision Song Contest.

The highlight (or lowlight) of the night was probably when our table collapsed, sending ten bottles of bud, plates, cutlery and a whole load of fag butts crashing to the ground. Apart from that, we just drank the night away. I sent one tipsy text at 3:45am in the morning (which I am regretting like you would not believe) but the recipient of that will remain anonymous here. Got in at 6am on Saturday morning… and slept until 6pm at night. What a waste of a day !

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