A couple of nights out

Everyone in da House

Well I was out for the first time in AGES this week, not once but twice! Thursday night was a night catching up with Christine, G and Jill, who was going on holiday for a week – she’s raving in Ibiza as we speak. Probably. We started at Apartment and then went down to the Potthouse, where they were having a wrap party for some drama that’s been shooting here recently. So we saw Denise Van Outen. I also saw a really gorgeous girl who went upstairs. I was wanting to go and chat her up but instead we got drunk and talked nonsense amongst ourselves downstairs. I didn’t bother taking my camera as I think I have enough photos of us drunk.

I did take my camera out last night though – my mate Neil was over from London. I used to live with him when I worked for Sainsbury’s in London. He drove me a bit bonkers then, but he’s quite funny now. Anyway, Neil is some hotshot pilot who flies allover the world. Kind of like in Top Gun, but with planes with passengers instead. So a couple of us headed out to The House, before going to some strange bar I’d never been to before called Maddens. It had people in it playing tin flutes and stuff. Then we ended up in the Potthouse. It was just four of the lads by this point, and the rest of the night is very hazy.

I can’t really remember getting home too much. But it was a good night! I spoke to a really pretty girl but she was hammered, so I didn’t follow that one through. Photos are here.

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