A mad night out in Belfast

Well spent the weekend in Belfast there. Friday night was a quiet one down the BBC club – could have gone onto a party but was too wrecked after a hectic day at work.

On Saturday night I went out to Cafe Vaudeville with Christine and her two friends Vicki and Kerry (that’s them above). Started off quiet enough, although I’m not sure what to make of Cafe Vaudeville – it was a bit like a big office night out – full of people that looked like they didn’t usually go out together! The decor is worth seeing though – very over the top!

Then the night went a bit pear-shaped when we went off to the Potthouse. Mark, the owner, had two bottles of champagne waiting for us in a booth so the rest of the night needless to say is very hazy! Can’t actually remember getting home, which isn’t a good sign at all. And Sunday was obviously a write off apart from a nice hungover brunch at am:pm. A good night though, but it does put you off drinking! More photos of the night are here.

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