A new contender for the ultimate cheese and ham toasted sandwich

Coffee Yard Toastie

Feast your eyes on that beauty! At the weekend, my family and I had lunch in a brilliant place called Coffee Yard in Holywood. It is really, really nice, and I would go back there regularly if I didn’t live miles away.

Anyway, they had ham and cheese toasted sandwiches on sale, so as regular readers of this blog will know, I had to check it out in my quest to find the ultimate.

It looked, very, very promising. However, it seemed a bit dry, as there was no melted cheese from what I could tell actually in the sandwich. It was on top of the bread instead and hard as a rock once cooked. I must point out to be fair to Coffee Yard though that what seemed dry to me may not appear as such to someone who is not suffering from a monumental hangover after drinking three glasses of wine and numerous beers the night before.

I recommend Coffee Yard anyway – there has obviously been a lot of thought into the design of the place too.

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