A night at Belfast’s new 5* hotel


Yes, but I wasn’t staying there unfortunately! Thursday night, a couple of us headed down to Cafe Vaudeville, a strange looking bar in Belfast, for its first birthday party. It was ok – a couple of Miss Northern Ireland candidates were there, which was nice! And we did get some free drinks, which was good too of course.

After that, we decided to head off to The Merchant – a new 5* hotel in Belfast. I hadn’t been before, but it really is sumptuous – that’s the only word to describe it really. We had a drink in the cocktail bar (which again was nice, but no music which led to a bit of an empty atmosphere).

Then we went downstairs to the hotel’s club, which is called Ollie’s. That’s the bar in the pic above. Now, again, the decor was great, and the music (80s trashy) was funny, but the one thing which got me really annoyed was the prices at the bar. £20 for four drinks, one of which was just a bottle of beer. Apparently they also put the prices up on a Saturday night as well (when the place is apparently mobbed). I’m not sure I’ll be back in a hurry. Or I’ll get hammered before I go.
P.S. A certain person refused to speak to me after I refused to break-dance on this night out, but I’ll spare their blushes – they know who they are!

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