A night at Strictly Come Dancing

So a couple of weekends ago, me and me ol’ mucker Jill headed off to London to see Strictly Come Dancing, which our mate Christine Bleakley is taking part in this year. If you live in the US, Strictly Come Dancing is our version of Dancing With The Stars.

Now I must confess I don’t really watch Strictly – I’m more of an X Factor person myself (Go Diana!), so I was more excited about catching up with Christine than seeing the show. However, after a couple of beers in Television Centre before the show, I think it’s fair to say Jill and I were excited.

The show was absolutely brilliant to watch. Bruce Forsyth is a legend in my opinion now – he was very, very entertaining and did a brilliant song and dance routine (“Saturday Night is the Loneliest Night of the Week”) before the show started. It was great!

After the live Saturday night show, it was off to the bar for more drinks, and then back to the studio for the pre-recorded Sunday results show. I think I was partly very excited by this point because we were sitting behind Lauren and Abi from EastEnders, and seeing any EastEnders people always gets me excited.

After the Sunday show had been recorded, we headed off to Christine’s dressing room and met her dancing partner, Matt, and some of the other dancers and celebs taking part in the show. After that it was off to a club in London (which apparently had a revolving dancefloor, but by that time Jill and I were too drunk to notice). That’s where the picture above was taken which Jill and Christine find hilarious for some reason. Apparently because I look like a “little boy”. I have had my hair cut short since.

After the club, it was back to the hotel, and I fell in to bed absolutely knackered while the rest of them carried on drinking – I blame the tonsilitis myself! It was a brilliant weekend though, and Jill and I are hoping to go back to see the show again soon.

We also got interviewed for the Sunday results show (Jill fluffed her lines, I was perfect) but unfortunately they didn’t use it. Next time!

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