A real cool dude

Well I had quite an interesting afternoon last week on Xchange. Two of our guests were paralympic athletes – both gold medalists. One was a champion 800m runner, even though he had had one arm amputated. After speaking to him you began to realise how amazing that was, ‘cos even though you wouldn’t think it, you do really use both your arms when you’re running!

Nice_watchAnother cool dude I met last Thursday was Akon – who’s currently number one in the album and the singles charts. He’s had a rough time of things – having done three years in jail for grand theft auto, but he seemed like a really nice guy. And – his watch (pictured here – though it’s a bit of a rubbish picture sorry!) was amazing. It is a customised Breitling watch. They’re expensive enough, but this one was covered in real diamonds! God only knows how much that cost! Anyway, he was really friendly – when I said “Bye” and “Thanks for coming on the show” he gave me a hug and said “Dude – I’ll see you again – I’ll be back!” – even though I’ll probably never meet him again, it was a nice thing to say anyway!

Nice_tea_1That night, I made a pretty delicious tea – sadly I took a photo of it too ‘cos I thought it looked like a restaurant meal. Tuna steak, runner beans, and fries, which were seasoned with Burger House seasoning from Dallas. Delish!

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