Taking the high road

12970479_83b8a7b27aWell, I took a trip up to Dundee at the weekend – the first time I’d been back home for more than a year. Not that I got much time to see any place though! I made the trip for Lyndsey and Graeme’s wedding – I have known Lyndsey for about 10 years at least, after meeting her through my mate Louise, who was a member of the McD’s crew!

Anyway, flew up with British Airways, again the first time I’d flown with them for ages, and I was really impressed. Got to use the lounge at Gatwick ‘cos I’m a platinum Aadvantage member, and it was really quiet and relaxed – and there was free drink and sandwiches! The flight was brilliant as well – really comfy, and I got given a pillow when I fell asleep – I think it’s the little things like that that make a flight good. The meal was nice as well – a novelty getting a meal on a plane nowadays, but it was a nice salad, with warm bread and a desert ! I’ll be flying with them again more often I reckon. And it was only £60 return!

So Saturday morning, I went over to see Ailse in her room at St Andrews as I hadn’t seen it before. Messy would be how I would describe it ! Then we went for lunch at Ma Bells. After that, it was back to Dundee for a quick shower and then I got dropped off at the Hilton Hotel in Dundee for the wedding.

I can honestly say it was brilliant. I saw loads of people I hadn’t seen for ages, but the best thing was that it was like I’d just seen them last week. That’s how you can tell good mates I think. The pictures are here, but a lot of them ended up blurred for some reason! Nicky kept dragging me up on the dancefloor, and by the end of the night I was really fading – knackered, and I think, hungover from the afternoon! I had a great time though, and I’m really glad I made the effort to go up, even though Carlay tried to embarass me several times (I’ll forgive her for that though!)

Sunday, it was back to St Andrews, and a quick coffee with Ailse before driving to Edinburgh to catch my flight home. Usually that takes an hour. This time it took me 2 and a half hours due to nightmare roadworks at the Forth Road Bridge. Unbelievably s-l-o-w and annoying. Just sitting there for ages! But, got to the airport, returned my hired car and checked in just 20 mins before the flight was due to take off. Stress to the max!

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