A real puzzler

Have you heard of So Duku ? It’s a Japanese puzzle which is taking newspapers here by storm apparently – there’s a good article on the BBC web site about it here. Anyway, my wee sister is a big fan of puzzles (I’m sure she won’t mind me saying that although we do take the mickey out of her about it), and when The Guardian started doing So Duku puzzles this week I decided to give it a shot.

Apparently they get harder each day as the week progresses. Monday’s didn’t go too well – I had to buy another paper to complete it after messing it up first time round. Then Tuesday’s, I did on the tube on the way in to work. Today – I only got one number filled in in the whole of my 45 minute tube journey ! Rubbish! I’m gonna try and do one a day though as I think it is good to get your brain working like that – and let’s face it – my brain doesn’t get much of a work out ! Try them anyway – they’re on page 2 of The Guardian every day – see how you get on !

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