A trip to Scotland and a brilliant club

Scary sky 2

After Dublin and Belfast, it was back to my home town of Dundee for two days leading up to New Year. The weather was totally weird as you can see from the picture above, and as always, it was absolutely freezing.

Highlight of my trip has to be heading to Glasgow to see my friends Nick and Kate. I honestly think Glasgow is a brilliant city – I never fail to have a good time when I go there. We started off our night out at Jam, and then headed to another bar (erm… can’t remember the name of it) before heading to a club called The Shed. I have honestly got to say it was amazing. It is indeed like a bit of a shed inside (which is a bit of a weird theme for a club), but it was absolutely RAMMED and the crowd must have been 70% women, which is no bad thing!

Apparently Michelle McManus goes there a lot, but we didn’t see her (although I saw lots of girls that looked like her). 15 beers later (as we calculated the next day), Nick and I were knocking on the door of his gorgeous graduate doctor neighbour, Katie, trying to get her back to Nick and Kate’s for a party (which did not exist). Thankfully there was no response to our knocking. The annoying thing is that even though he made me do it, no doubt the next time he sees her he will blame it on me.

I honestly have to say I thought I was dying the next morning. I felt that if I moved a centimetre I would vomit. This wasn’t helped by the fact that we had to return to The Shed to collect our jackets which we’d left there the night before after rejecting a queue for the cloakroom which went down three flights of stairs and along a long tunnel.

Thankfully, a fantastic breakfast at Jam sorted me out – look at that picture below. Can you spot a breakfast food that is missing? (And sausage is there btw, it’s just Lorne Sausage, a Scottish sausage!)

Brilliant breakfast at Jam

I managed to make it back to Dundee despite my hangover (and falling asleep totally wrecked on the train) and had quite a quiet new year. I did, in the week of Hogmany, visit an amazing Thai restaurant in St. Andrews (where my sister Ailse is at uni). If you’re ever over there, you should check it out.

I have to say my whole time in Scotland, I was really thinking I should move back there. It’s something I’m going to have a good think about.

It’s back to work tomorrow which I am totally, totally dreading 🙁

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