A quick stop in Belfast

Out in Belfast

Well on my trip around Ireland and the UK over Christmas / New Year, the family had one night to spend in Belfast, so obviously it was a chance to catch up with mates and go out drinking! We had an amazing meal at Cayenne (which has to be my favourite restaurant in Belfast, although it needs to fix its broken website!) and then met up with G, Christine, Leah and Glo at Apartment for some drinks.

After Ailsa, Jill and Tobey had headed back to their hotel, I got dragged off for a Chinese at the Dragon Rendezvous (I only had a starter seeing as I had had a full meal earlier on!) and ended up leaving at 3.30am in the morning. Thankfully I didn’t do what Leah did and strike up a 5 minute conversation with someone she thought was someone else.

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