A weekend of boozing

Leah  me and Christine 1

Well I had my first couple of nights out for a while there. Friday night was an internal BBC fund-raising night at the BBC Club in Belfast for BBC Children In Need. We had a couple of karaoke duets, a raffle, and an auction. It all went pretty well really, and I reckon we raised about £2,500 for Children In Need. I managed not to get tipsy until the end of the night, which was probably a good thing.

Saturday night saw a Hallowe’en (though not fancy dress thank goodness) party at Jill’s house in Jordanstown. Fireworks and everything! So that was a good start to the evening. Then we went off to the Potthouse, our usual Saturday night haunt. I did actually see a really gorgeous girl there for a change, but unfortunately she disappeared when I was at the bar, and before I’d made a move. After the Potthouse, G, Leah and I headed off to another party (which was fancy dress this time). G got a flat tire en route, but he got it changed pretty quickly.

So it was a good couple of nights out really, which I think I probably needed. As Children In Need is only three weeks away now, I can feel the pressure mounting even more now. I just can’t wait until the whole thing’s over, as I feel I’ll have got a bit of my life back! I probably won’t be posting much either as it draws nearer, as I’m likely to be doing long hours, and if I’m not working at weekends I’ll just be spending them watching shows like America’s Next Top Model or Judge Judy (i.e. things that require no concentration what-so-ever).

The usual drunken photos (from last night) are here.

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