American Airlines suck!

I fly American quite a lot – a couple of times a year anyway, and I’m often lucky to get an upgrade to Business Class. What really gets my goat though is that American (I think anyway) is a pretty crappy airline. Their stewardesses are usually extremely unpleasant (they’re unlikely to be under 50), and their entertainment is limited now to a choice of two C-class films (think one Disney movie), two made for TV movies that they pass off as films and then an endless loop of CSI (which you’ll have seen before) and Everybody Loves Raymond (not amusing.)

Anyway, I was intrigued to see that they’re upgrading their business class on transatlantic routes. At last I thought – they’re finally going to put fully flat beds on their planes, like British Airways and Virgin seem to have had for the last decade or something. But…. the roll-out of these flat seats (which they’ll have probably got second-hand off someone that’s finished with them now) is not scheduled until 2007! Rubbish! If it wasn’t for my air miles with American, I’d be flying BA all the time – better entertainment, better seats, and better cabin crew!

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