An inconvenient truth

I saw An Inconvenient Truth this week. I’d been meaning to get round to watching it for absolutely ages, but finally sat down on Friday night and watched all 90 minutes of it. If you don’t know about it, it’s basically a film of a presentation that ex Vice President Al Gore has been giving all over the world about climate change. It’s a pretty scary movie to be honest.

It gets quite scientific in parts, but what is clear from it is that if countries (and people) don’t start donig something now about the environment, it could have catastrophic effects. The thing that had most impact on me were animations showing what would happen to major cities like Manhattan and coastal areas in China if the water levels are to rise as predicted.

After seeing that, I went online and checked out what my carbon footprint was. I was assuming it would be low as I don’t have a car, but actually it turned out to be higher than average because of the electricity I use at home and the fact I live on my own. I already turn off and unplug everything at night and during the day when I’m not in, and you can’t get green energy in Northern Ireland which is a pain in the ass.

Also I can’t seem to recycle in my area – it’s run by a local charity who have never returned my ‘phone calls about getting a recycling box. But – I’m going to try again with that, and also offset any flights I by paying someone like Climate Care.

If you haven’t seen the film, you should definitely check it out. It’s a real eye-opener, although very depressing.

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