An Islay stag weekend – day three

Hangover time

Following the shennanigans of the previous night, we all managed to make it up pretty early in the morning (just as well really as our lodges had to be clear by 10am!) – I’d also managed to get back tipsy at about 3am the night before and actually tidy up the entire lodge, clearing it of beer bottles and barbecue remnants. How impressive is that?!! I couldn’t be bothered facing it in the morning. More after the jump!

Sunday morning was pretty chilled – we just hung out outside the hotel while Stuart ferried people off to the ferry (see what I did there?) – everyone was away by about midday, apart from myself and John (he was staying another day). Kate’s Mum and Dad very kindly came and picked the two of us up (my flight wasn’t until 6pm) and gave us a bacon sandwich lunch. Yum! Just what you need with a slight hangover (thankfully my hangover wasn’t nearly as bad as the I’d had on Saturday).


After lunch, John and I were taken for a trip to Machir Bay, which I can only describe as absolutely stunning. I think it helped that it was a totally gorgeous day, but it has got to be one of the best beaches in Scotland. If I lived on Islay and didn’t have to work I think I’d spend all day every day chilling out there! Kate’s Dad, John and I climbed to the top of a big rock, and could see for miles all around Islay – and bits of Northern Ireland as well.

Machir Bay 1

Doesn’t that look amazing? It doesn’t really do the beach justice to be honest, but the water was just bright blue. I felt really relaxed (even after climbing a mini mountain!)

After the trip to the beach (which locals call Kilchoman Beach) there was just time for a cup of coffee at Kate’s Mum and Dad’s before I headed off to the airport and caught the flight home.

I can’t recommend Islay enough to anyone that fancies a bit of a different weekend away. It’s really friendly (as is the whole of Scotland!), stunning, and very relaxing. If you are thinking of going, a good guide to check out is Armin’s guide to Islay.

I had a really brilliant weekend on Islay, and definitely want to go back. It was also great catching up with my Scottish mates, who I don’t see as often as I should. Even though I seem to get hammered every time I see them.

Photos from the whole weekend are here, and I may just get a video edited and approved by the stag himself to put online later!

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