Apple and Nike in tie-up

Nike   Ipod nano

In what I think is a pretty interesting link, Apple and Nike today announced that they’re lanching a new ’sports kit’ for the iPod nano. Basically, it means putting a little sensor in your Nike+ shoe which then talks to a receiver attached to your iPod nano. The sensor then transmits data about your run (and audible feedback too) which is then displayed on your iPod nano. Cleverly, this information is then synced via iTunes when you connect your nano to your computer, and then data on your run is available on a special website.

It may not have massive appeal, but I think this is a clever use of an iPod which you can bet no other MP3 player manufacturer has thought about. I don’t run for exercise (I usually only run when it’s raining, to avoid getting wet), but being able to keep track of your performance so easily sounds like a great idea.

I was thinking it would be great if they could do something similar for swimmers, but then probably not – I like my swimming without any music or anything, so I can completely relax while I’m doing it.

The Nike+iPod sports kit is expected to be in stores by the end of July, whilst a new iTunes update (version 6.0.5) will also be available soon.

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