Balmoral Show


Well on Friday, I produced my first live outside broadcast from the Balmoral Show. That’s me with the presenters, Karen Patterson and Jackie Fullerton in the picture above. This was taken after the show, and we’re all smiling, which I guess is a good sign!

It all went really well, and I have to say I kind of enjoyed it. It was nice deciding on everything myself – from the content, to the format, graphics style and so on. And we got good figures as well – on the day of the live show, we got 40% of the available audience watching us, which is quite unusual in this multi-channel world!

I’m not sure what my next project is yet, I’ll probably find out later this week. After the show we all went and got drunk in the BBC club. I might put some pictures up of that, but then again I might not bother because it got a bit messy.

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