Best and worst lyrics of the year?

Best lyrics of the year go to Scouting For Girls with Heartbeat….

Every time that we meet, I skip a heartbeat.
Give me an evening, or give me a night.
I’ll show you the time, of your life.
I’ll walk you home safe, from the dark.
I’ll give you my jacket, I’ll give you my heart.
But she won’t come dancing tonight, She’s having the time of her life.

They seem written for me. I reckon worst lyrics of the year so far go to Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl” which is actually a good song….

However that was because I thought the lyrics said

I kissed a girl, I loved the taste of her cherry chop stick

When actually what it says is

I kissed a girl, I loved the taste of her cherry chap stick

So I’ll let her off. I was intrigued as to what a cherry chopstick was though.

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