Big Buzzing!

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Wow is all I can say. I had a brilliant Saturday night there in Derry at the Big Buzz magazine awards with Jill and Christine. That’s Christine along with Gerry Anderson in the picture, presenting the awards. Usually the awards are a bit of a disaster with loads of technical problems and things which make it very, very funny. This year (unfortunately) the awards were very slick with the only mistake being the curtain going up and down at the wrong time!

Jill and I had dinner while the awards were on – there were some not bad at all acts on – including Freefaller who I knew from them being on Xchange a lot. After that it was back to the hotel where we partied until five in the morning! It was very drunken to be honest. Photos of the bash are here. Jill apparently went down to reception at five am in her pyjamas to demand some chicken sandwiches which were unfortunately never delivered. Maybe a good thing actually.

The only low point of the stay was the service in the hotel which was pretty shocking. Wrong drinks delivered (after an eternal wait), and a member of staff coming into the room on the Sunday to throw us out! Overall it was a brilliant night though, and we followed that up with a hangover busting McDonald’s for Sunday lunch. Yum!

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