Brilliant burger alert!

McDonald  s Deluxe

I was a bit skint when I was in London, and was still keen to try and win something on McDonald’s Monopoly apart from a McMuffin, so it was McD’s for lunch.

My disappointment that Monopoly has finished was soon replaced by excitement that they have a new burger (two if you include a version with bacon) and also chunky chips! (All for a limited time).

Obviously I had to try the burger. It is served on a ciabatta roll, and comes with cheese, grilled onions, batavia lettuce, tomato relish and garlic mayonnaise. It is also absolutely delicious. Honestly. You really need to try one.

The chunky chips were pretty good as well, but I found them to be very filling.

I want to have this burger again soon, but as it contains 32 grammes of fat, it is a once a month treat rather than a regular thing!

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