Catching up with some mates!

Well I’ve had another week of going out. (Though not this weekend as my liver needs a rest, so I’ve been good and stayed in.)

Last weekend, G, Christine, Jill and I headed off to the Paolo Nutini gig with Majella and her family. Maj is going out with one of the guitarists in the band! So it was a good night, although I was reminded as to why I don’t drink spirits. After doing (or being made to do) two shots, my behaviour was erm.. embarassing. So that was a reminder. Anyway, it was great to see Maj again – she doesn’t come home enough!

On Tuesday night, I was out with my old flatmate from London, Neil – I haven’t seen him for about four years, so it was really good to catch up. We traipsed round nine bars before we found one which was busy and settled on Revolver @ The Stiff Kitten, which was actually a great night. Neil unfortunately couldn’t drink as he was flying a ‘plane at 7am the next morning (Boo!) but me and a mate from work drank enough for him as well. Needless to say I was slightly the worse for wear the next morning.

Oh – and to the girl that took my ‘phone number and gave me hers, please don’t do that if you’ve no intention of returning the call, it’s annoying.

Erm, nothing else going on this week really. Tomorrow a couple of us at work are meeting with Peter Salmon, Chief Creative Officer of BBC Vision (that’s the new name for Production in house here), which should be interesting, and then I’m doing some work helping out on ATL Rock School, which is being recorded tomorrow night. So another quiet week for me – although I think I’ll be doing some more socialising!

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