Check out this cool McDonald’s! (That is not McDonald’s)

photo: brandon shigeta

Check it! McDonald’s has opened two new stores without any McDonald’s branding. They’re called Quarter Pounder, and sell only two menu choices – a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and a Quarter Pounder without, both as meals by the looks of things. The stores look really cool and even the packaging looks funky and minimalist.

Unfortunately as you can probably tell by now, these stores are in Japan. If I ever ever get to visit Japan, (and this now gives me another reason), I am looking forward to going there, even though I have never had a Quarter Pounder at McD’s. My conclusion here though is that Quarter Pounder is cool.

Update: Apparently these are just temporary stores to mark the launch of Quarter Pounders in Japan (McDonald’s there don’t sell them yet.) The lease on two McDonald’s was coming to an end, so they decided to create a bit of a buzz by using the spaces to market Quarter Pounders before their proper launch. So it looks like I’ll never get to visit one!

Via: McChronicles

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